Spring brings baseball and sod back to life in Arizona

The arrival of spring in Arizona has brought with it the activity and excitement of Major League Baseball’s spring training, as well as the re-emergence of lush, green lawns.

As winter retreats and the sun starts warming the soil, grass comes bursting back to life, just in time for the arrival of baseball fans from across the country.

“Baseball is like the grass that it’s played on. In the spring, it’s perfect. There are no weeds or brown spots, no ragged clumps or patches worn to dirt by the rubbing and clawing of cleats. It hasn’t been dried out by the sun or pockmarked by overuse,” wrote the Arizona Republic’s E.J. Montini in a recent column. “The season will take its toll. Whole patches, even whole fields, will be scraped up by the roots and replaced with sod grown on farms and rolled into place like carpet …”

Evergreen Turf has had a hand in laying the sod in many of Arizona’s major sports complexes from Tempe’s Diablo Stadium to the home of the Arizona Cardinals, the University of Phoenix Stadium. Diablo Stadium is in fact just one of 11 stadiums throughout southern Arizona being used for spring training games by the 15 teams competing in the Cactus League this year.

So as baseball’s star players continue preparing for the regular season, those deep, green-blue fields of grass are awakening from their winter hibernation, and they are in constant need of maintenance and sod replacement. Evergreen Turf will be there to service any of Arizona’s sod needs, whether it’s for major sports complexes, commercial developments or smaller residential projects.

Check out Evergreen Turf’s Web site for tips about spring lawn and sod care. Evergreen turf also has the expertise to determine what types of sod would be best for your property.

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