How to Select the Right Trees for your Yard

Choosing new trees for your front or back yard can be a challenge if you are not prepared with the information needed to make an educated purchase. First, do some research on the best local nurseries in town. A good nursery will have plenty of different trees for you to choose from and the staff should be helpful in answering any questions you may ask.

When you are browsing for a container-grown tree, look for one with a firm, straight trunk. It should also have branches evenly spaced around the tree. The nursery should allow you to check the roots of the tree you are interested in purchasing as well. If the roots look like they are too crowded or if there are any roots poking through the drainage holes, do not purchase the tree. As a tip, grab the tree and lift it from the container to make sure the soil stays in contact with the roots.

If you plan to plant a tree in an open area prone to gusts of wind, you should stake your tree until it grows sufficient root mass to hold itself up. The trunk of a healthy tree should be able to hold itself upright, however staking the tree can act as an extra precaution against strong winds. A tree should only be staked for two years maximum.

Some may find it challenging to find types of trees that thrive in the Arizona climate. The Sweet Acacia tree blooms with beautiful orange-yellow flowers from February to April. The Chaste tree is another great choice for Arizona as it has dense purple flowers in the early summertime. There is also the Palo Verde tree which has its own golden-yellow blooms starting in March. The Texas Mountain Laurel tree has a unique flower with a fragrance that matches its beauty. Finally, the Desert Willow tree has orchid-like blossoms in a range of colors from white to purple and as an added perk, it attracts hummingbirds.

Trees help to give your yard shade as well as aesthetic appeal. With the above tips and knowledge, picking the perfect tree for your yard should be a breeze! If you have any more questions or concerns, feel free to stop in to our Chandler location or contact us with any of your lawn care questions.

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