5 Creative Ways to Reduce Water Use in Arizona Lawns

Water is one of those natural resources that we all need to be careful not to waste away, but here in Arizona, conservation can be a bit trickier than the rest of the country. In our desert climate, your lawn needs adequate amounts of water, so you don’t want to be stingy with your watering, but you also want to be mindful of conserving where you can.

It's just as easy to underwater a lawn as it is to overwater, particularly here in Arizona

Here are five creative ways that you can reduce water use in Arizona lawns:

  1. Choose sod adapted to the Arizona climate. The best way to reduce water when taking care of your Arizona lawn is to first choose water saving, desert adapted lawn varieties.  All of the varieties that Evergreen Turf grows are adapted to the Arizona climate and designed to save water.  Managing the water with a correctly installed “Smart” sprinkler watering system is the best combination of technology and plant genetics for saving water.  There will always be areas in the landscape that are hard to water, have too much shade, or receive too much traffic to have quality turf.  For these areas we recommend one of the many choices of naturally colored rock and granite available for Arizona landscapes. Granite is a great accessory to dress up your Arizona lawn, and save water where you don’t really need grass.
  2. Use Native Trees. Native trees provide shade and greenery to your landscape, and because they’re naturally found in our arid climate, they don’t need to use much water. As you’re adding decorative details to your lawn, go with native plants and shrubbery, too. Any plants that are naturally found in Arizona will automatically be lower maintenance and more resistant to droughts than plants you bring in from another region.
  3. Add Artistic Planters. Artistic planters can be used as focal points at select spots on your lawn. These are a great idea for Arizonans because they allow you to add bright and vibrant plants that often require more water than our native plant alternatives, but, because you’re planting them in small and confined spaces, you’re still significantly limiting the amount of water you need to keep them healthy.

If you’re into DIY projects, you can get creative and make your own artistic planter while repurposing items you have around the garage. Bird baths, recycled wood pallets, and salvaged wood all make excellent artistic planters that add an interesting effect to dessert yards. Alternatively, you can look for a vendor who specializes in selling professionally crafted artistic planters. There are plenty of great companies around the state who can help you find the perfect planters for your personal style and outdoor space.

  1. Create Rivers of Color. Use succulents and low-maintenance grasses in a rainbow of hues to create “rivers” or ribbons of color in select places in your yard. These small ribbons of color will add color and textural interest without needing any extra maintenance or water supply.
  2. Fertilize Properly. You may not realize the importance of fertilizing your lawn, but proper fertilizer is directly related to your lawn’s ability to absorb water and combat extreme temperatures and droughts. It’s important to realize that there are various types of fertilizer, and the fertilizer that matches the needs of your particular breed of grass will be the optimal way to prepare your lawn’s root system.

Before you purchase a fertilizer, research online, but speak to a professional to be sure that the information you have uncovered is accurate and optimal for your individual situation, including the type of grass you have, the time of year, and how much sun your lawn gets.

We’d love to hear other creative ways that you keep your Arizona landscape beautiful while conserving water! Please share your ideas with us at our Evergreen Turf Arizona Facebook page!

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