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It’s football season and in honor of this all-time favorite American sport, here’s a look at some of the top NFL football fields. As a premier Phoenix and Tucson sod farm, our team has a deep appreciation for the grass on the fields of these iconic football stadiums.

Lambeau Field (Green Bay Packers)

This stadium is often ranked as the top football field in the country today. In 2003, the stadium had a $295 million remodel to update some of the structure to be more modern. It has a seating capacity of 73,000 and has been expanded several times since it’s opening in 1957. The football fied is a grass surface made of Kentucky Bluegrass sod and reinforced with Desso GrassMaster, which is a sports playing field surface composed of natural grass combined with artificial fibres.

Ever wonder how the Packers keep their sod lawn green through the frigid winter months? Their secret lies in a massive indoor lighting rig that provides essential light to the sections of the field that need a little extra help because they don’t receive enough natural light due to the construction of the stadium. You can read more about their mobile grow lamps in this Gizmodo article.

Heinz Field (Pittsburgh Steelers)

Pittsburgh stadium has only been open since 2001, but the team has won two Super Bowl since making the move from Three Rivers Stadium. When it comes to the sports field, Heinz stadium has had some challenges finding the best type of surface for the team to play on. It had natural grass for the first two years, then switched to Desso GrassMaster in 2003 due to the constant debate about its playing field. Then in 2009, the stadium switched back to natural grass.

The debate continues about whether natural grass is the best type of surface for this sports stadium, but no matter what type of surface the team plays on, the fan continue to pack in for the games. In fact, the Steelers have sold out every home game at Three Rivers Stadium and now Heinz Field since November 1972.

Lincoln Financial Field (Philadelphia Eagles)

With a seating capacity of 69,144, this stadium boasts scenic views of the Philly skyline out of the west end zone and a massive tailgating space for fans. The stadium opened in 2003 and cost $512 million to build. The sports field surface is comprised of Desso GrassMaster.

University of Phoenix Stadium (Arizona Cardinals)

University of Phoenix Stadium, opened August 1, 2006, is a multipurpose football stadium located in Glendale, Arizona. It is the home of the Arizona Cardinals of the National Football League and the annual Fiesta Bowl. The 63,400-seat stadium (expandable to 72,200) opened on August 1, 2006 after three years of construction.

Evergreen Turf is a proud partner of the Arizona Cardinals. As a premier provider of Phoenix and Tucson sod in Arizona, Evergreen Turf is dedicated to making sure the Cardinals’ field is ready to go on game day. Great care is taken in selecting, cultivating and maintaining the particular variety of sod (Tifway 419 Hybrid Bermuda Grass) that is used in this unique and prestigious venue.

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