Landscape Ideas for Front Lawns – Arizona Homeowners

Here are some tips for you Arizona homeowners out there looking for landscaping ideas for front lawns:

Beautifully lanscaped front yard, from street, side walk and then the house, feeling of privacy

  • Beautiful Cacti. A cactus is a great plant to keep around in our dry desert climate. These resilient lifeforms are perfect for Arizona, and with so many varieties, shapes, and colors, your front yard landscaping can turn into an amazing oasis filled with low-maintenance cacti that will happily beautify the front of your house without requiring any extra effort from you!

To complete the look, define a space around the front of your house with rocks, then place your cacti in an aesthetically pleasing pattern. Fill the bed with mulch, then place a few additional rocks in strategic places to create interesting eye appeal.

  • Hollowed Out Logs. For every door that closes, a window opens, so don’t overlook the use of items that are past their expected prime. Dead trees provide spectacular landscaping opportunities if you view them with a creative eye. Dead logs, branches, and tree trunks, for example, can easily be hollowed out (if they’re not already empty in the middle) and made into beautiful planters that will look stunning at the front of your house.

Because these natural planters limit the space in which you’ll be placing live plants, you have the opportunity to explore species that aren’t native to Arizona, which may require more water than you would want to expend if you planted them directly into the ground. Place some high-quality soil into the empty log, add your plants, and then fill the remainder of the space with additional soil. If you want to still with a low-maintenance option, shoot for succulents, as they require little attention, water, and energy from you.

  • Pavers and Layers. A cobblestone walkway can do amazing things for the aesthetics of your front yard. Even a simple set of stones, when placed along a path from the backyard to your front door, can add easy appeal all the way from the street. There are plenty of paver options out there in today’s market, so shop around and make sure you find a color, style, and texture that you fall in love with.

Elevate a simply paved path by creating a tiered system with a retaining wall to hold the upper layer of your landscaping in place. A rock retaining wall will look beautiful in our area, and you won’t have to worry about how it will hold up when the summer sun starts beating down.

  • Floating Decks. If you have a tree or two in your front yard, spend some time giving the branches and trunks some love. Floating decks make darling adornments to front yards, and they require very little effort to put into place. With some old, recycled lumber, you can easily construct floating decks to hang out around the foot of your trees. Once you’ve completed each deck, place decorative flowers and interesting outdoor-friendly accessories on them to complete the look.
  • Tree Swing. Accessorize the front of your home with an adult version of a childhood classic. An updated tree swing can bring a relaxing and welcoming feel to an otherwise typical front yard.

Are you an Arizona homeowner who’s proud of the landscaping you’ve created at the front of your house? We’d love to see your pictures at our Evergreen Turf Facebook page!

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