How to Prepare Your Arizona Sod Lawn For Your Backyard Wedding Ceremony

So you’ve decided to have your Arizona wedding ceremony in your backyard. That’s great! Choosing your backyard for your ceremony has many benefits. First of all, you don’t have to pay for an expensive venue or worry about security deposits or refunds. You can also decorate without restriction however you see fit without having some venue manager watching you’re every move or making sure it complies with building codes. Follow our tips for how to prepare your Arizona sod lawn for your backyard wedding ceremony.

Lay down temporary flooring to prevent any damage to your Arizona sod lawn. Get some large squares of carpet and lay it down in the area you are planning on having the ceremony. This will flatten your sod for a day or two but in the long run will prevent a lot of damage to your Arizona sod lawn. Remember that most ladies like to wear high-heels to weddings, and if you don’t lay down some sort of protective flooring you are going to have hundreds of holes in your grass due to high-heels. Plus you’ll be doing the ladies a favor since no one likes sinking into grass in their pretty shoes.

Make sure there is enough seating for all your guests. Count your RSVPs carefully before purchasing or renting your chairs for your wedding ceremony seating. You’ll also want to rent a few extra chairs just in case someone brings an extra guest that has not been accounted for.

Place your guest book at the entrance so everyone signs it right away. As a tip, keep large notecards or extra sheets of your guest book unattached to the main book so that many people can leave a note at the same time. You certainly don’t want to be running around during your big day making sure everyone has signed your guest book.

Prepare for bad weather. You always need to have a backup plan in case the weather turns sour. Since you are having it in Arizona, chances are the weather will be beautiful and sunny, but there’s always a possibility of a dust storm or lightning storm and you want to be sure an event such as this won’t ruin your wedding. Empty out the largest room in your house so that it’s ready to be transformed into the ceremony location in the event of bad weather.

For more tips on how to maintain your Arizona sod lawn during your wedding and all year round, visit Evergreen Turf.

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