How Much Does it Cost to Have Sod Installed (2022)

Even the best-maintained lawns have expiration dates. If you haven’t re-sodded your lawn in years, or are noticing issues with weeds or the quality of your grass, it may be time to re-sod.

There are two main ways you can go about it: do-it-yourself (DIY) or professional re-sodding.

The DIY route is typically less expensive, but it takes much more time to complete—and there’s a greater risk of error. Pros are quicker and guarantee quality but generally cost more up-front.

Luckily, lawn replacement costs tend to be lower for a re-sod project than they are for an initial install, whether going at it alone or bringing in professional help. Below, we’ll cover what it costs on average to re-sod in Phoenix, Tucson, and all of Arizona—and how you can get the best deal.

Baseline Re-sodding Cost Factor: Lawn Size

Before diving into the differences between DIY and professional re-sodding, you’ll need to answer the most important question for determining how much your re-sodding project will cost. How much re-sodding are you doing—how big is the lawn you’re planning to re-sod?

Realtor magazine estimates the average residential yard size in the US at a quarter of an acre, or 10,871 square feet, with the lawn taking up 3,000sq ft of that space. However, per the same dataset, the average yard in Arizona is 6,500 sq ft, with the lawn area averaging only 700 sq. ft.

So to simplify calculations, we’ll use 3,000 sq. ft for US averages and 700 sq. ft. for Arizona estimates.

There’s also the cost of sod itself. How much does turf cost in Arizona and across the US?

HomeGuide estimates sod cost per square foot to be between $0.34 to $0.85 nationally. In Arizona, quality sod tends to be on the higher end of that spectrum, selling at about $0.70 per sq. ft on average. We’ll use those figures, respectively, in our estimated calculations below.

These fundamentals are just the starting point for setting up total DIY and pro re-sodding costs.

How Much Does Do-It-Yourself Sodding Cost?

DIY re-sodding is a much more involved and arduous process than hiring a professional (or team thereof) to re-sod your lawn. However, it’s a rewarding project, positioning the sod is typically a straightforward process, and the base costs are lower. Still, there are a lot of complicating factors that can make the total project more expensive than it may seem.

If we look just at the basic cost per foot for the sod, the breakdown is as follows:

  • DIY re-sodding nationally – $1,020-$2,400 for a 3,000 sq. ft lawn
  • DIY re-sodding in Arizona – $490 for a 700 sq. ft lawn

But these prices can be quite misleading. They assume that your lawn is already prepared for the re-sodding and you have all the necessary equipment ready to go. If that’s the case, skip ahead!

More likely, you’ll need to account for prep and other expenses, which can add up quickly.

In Arizona , an at-home PH correction kit may cost as little as $20, but you may need to spend more if the existing level is far from where it needs to be. Equipment for grading, tilling, and spreading fertilizer will each cost upwards of $50 to rent for four hours at a time. Fertilizer typically runs around $20 per bag, and you should look to apply about 1 pound of nitrogen per 1000 sq. ft—be sure to calculate carefully, as fertilizer comes in different nitrogen grades.

And, to bring it back to lawn size, these ancillary costs are also impacted. A bigger plot will take more resources and more time to prep, inflating material and rental costs of DIY re-sodding.

How Much Does Professional Re-sodding Cost?

Compared to DIY efforts, professional re-sodding will make the project significantly faster and easier for you to manage. And, depending on the individual or team you use, you’ll likely see little to no need for additional equipment and resources—beyond buying the sod itself.

However, all that convenience comes at a price; professional re-sodding is more expensive.

According to HomeGuide, per-foot costs for professional re-sodding shoot all the way up to $0.90 to $1.80 on average—an increase of over 100% at both the low and high ends. Again, Arizona prices are on the higher end of the spectrum, as the contractor network HomeBlue estimates that pro re-sodding costs across Maricopa county range from $1.40 to $2.80 per sq. ft on average.

Using the same lawn sizes from above, total average costs for pro re-sodding break down to:

  • Pro re-sodding Nationally – $4,200 – $8,400 for a 3,000 sq. ft lawn
  • Pro re-sodding In Arizona – $980 – $1,960 for a 700 sq. ft lawn

Even though these costs are significantly higher than DIY, the benefits outweigh the costs. First of all, you save the time and effort of sod (re)installation—think of this as staving off backaches.

Second, hiring professionals to re-sod makes it far less likely that any costly mistakes are made, which extends the life of your new lawn, simplifies maintenance, and prevents repair work down the line. These are both direct savings and a near-guarantee of fewer headaches.

And, for those looking to re-sod smaller lawns, costs might not be so astronomically high.

In Arizona, at least, it’s not uncommon to find flat labor rates under $1000 dollars for re-sodding projects in the ~500 sq. ft range—not including the costs for the sod itself. But professional rates will generally be better for larger projects than for smaller ones.

Other Factors Impacting re-sodding Costs

When you’re planning a DIY or pro re-sodding project, size and square footage aren’t the only factors you need to consider. For example, your specific location might drive prices up or down.

Sod in Phoenix may cost the same as sod in Tucson, but professionals’ rates may differ.

Other micro-factors include complications in the shape and size of your lawn. For example, oddly shaped lawns may necessitate excess product. Or installation might require a level of skill in shaping the rolls of sod to the contours of your property, which could force you into a professional installation.

There’s also the quality of your soil and other conditions the sod is subject to. Natural rockiness, susceptibility to weeds, and lawn use are all important considerations, as is the level of shade it experiences.

These elements are all complicated further by the kind of grass you’re installing.

Keeping costs down isn’t just about how much you pay for the sod itself or for its initial installation. It takes careful management before, during, and after the re-sod project. Refer to our how to install sod guide for more details on how to maintain your freshly re-sodded lawn.

It always helps to use the highest quality sod available—and for that, we have you covered.

Re-sod Your Arizona Lawn with Evergreen Turf

Re-sodding projects can range widely in price, both across the country at large and within the great state of Arizona. Opting to re-sod on your own will likely mean lower up-front costs, but the higher price tag that comes with a professional installation can lead to longer-term savings.

Whatever option you choose, Evergreen Turf will make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. We have the best quality Arizona sod, perfect for any initial install or re-sod project.

If you’re looking for turf, or have any questions about this piece, contact our team today!


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