Best Grasses for Arizona Lawns

There are many sod varieties to choose from when picking out grass for your Arizona lawn. As Arizona’s premier sod producer, we recommend Midiron, Palmetto St. Augustine, or TifGrand. All of these are great choices for the Arizona climate. Here is a little more information on each one.

TifGrand is an excellent choice if your lawn is going to have a lot of shade coverage. TifGrand is specifically designed to grow in shaded areas (But it does need 4+ hours of sun).

Midiron is one of the most popular choices for Arizona lawns. It is known to recover quickly from over-seeding which is great if you love having a lush lawn in the winter. If you enjoy entertaining outside during Arizona’s mild winter or refreshing spring than Midiron just might be the Arizona sod variety for you. It handles high traffic areas well, is easy to maintain and is both heat and drought tolerant.

Palmetto St. Augustine is the second best shade-tolerant grass for Arizona lawns. People are attracted to this variety not only for it’s shade tolerance, but also for it’s unique texture. The Palmetto St. Augustine is a lighter colored sod variety with a wider blade. Great for Phoenix and Tucson area homeowners, especially if you have shade on your lawn, and kids that like to play in the grass.

These are the best grasses for Arizona lawns. When selecting your sod variety, consider how much sunlight your lawn gets, your lifestyle (kids or pets), and how often you want to mow it. These are just a few of the sod varieties that Evergreen Turf offers, if you need help selecting a sod variety for your life and home use our easy “Lawn Selector Tool.”

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