Our Top 5 Backyard Ideas on a Budget

Owning a home is a dream come true for many. Once you’ve achieved this goal, your imagination starts to take off as you think of all the things you can do to personalize your home and property to make them functional and showcase your personality. Then the bills start coming in, and you realize some of your ambitious ideas may have to be put on hold until your budget balances out.

Beautiful backyard firepit at dusk

If this sounds familiar, fear not! You can have a beautiful backyard even when you’re on a budget. Here’s our top 5 ideas to spruce up your yard that won’t break the bank.

1. Look for Deals on Sod

You don’t always have to buy sod at full price. Keep your eyes open for special deals, percentages off, or free delivery. Check around for sales, or look for promo offers on social media. If you buy your sod from Evergreen Turf, we can even install your sod for you, which can make the process of beautifying your property much easier. Of course you can always install sod yourself if you enjoy DIY projects. Check out our how to install page for more information.

2. Install Interlocking Pavers

Interlocking pavers are easy to work with, and if you’re up for a DIY project, you can probably install these yourself. Pavers are a great way to give your outdoor space a bit of a facelift. You may need to install irrigation lines and put in irrigation controls before prepping your ground for pavers, however, and that job is often best being left to the experts. Before you lay the pavers, make sure you remove the original soil, and have a well-compacted base in place as a foundation. Arizona clay can cause problems when it rains if you don’t have a proper base in between the clay and the pavers.

3. Use Overlay Pavers

If you’re just trying to put a quick fix on already-existing concrete that’s not offering much in terms of aesthetic appeal, overlay pavers are a good way to go. They’ll disguise boring, cracked concrete and instantly freshen up your patio space.

4. Install a Fire Pit

Arizona’s evenings can get pretty chilly in winter, but you don’t have to forgo the outdoor fun if you’re entertaining or enjoying the fresh air. A firepit can be an awesome addition to the area’s backyards, and depending on how elaborate you go, you can install an affordable feature or splurge on a super elaborate fixture. There are plenty of online resources to walk you through a DIY fire pit installation, and the purchase of a manufactured fire pit can make the process super simple.

5. Plant Arizona-Friendly Plants

Not all plants are ready to weather the elements of the Arizona desert climate, but if you choose plants that are native to Arizona, they’ll acclimate to your lawn and produce beautiful accents for your landscape. If you aren’t inclined to have a green thumb, you don’t have to run away from the idea of landscaping your own lawn. Because many of the plants that are native to Arizona are hardy by nature as a result of our climate, you often have to work very hard to damage or kill them. They typically stand up to amateurs who are trying their hand and growing plants quite nicely, and if something doesn’t work for one reason or another, you have plenty of other options. You can even select native plants to attract birds to your yard.

If you’re in search of an Arizona sod company to help you get your yard lush and green, contact our team at Evergreen Turf today! If you’re installing your own Arizona sod, check out our How to Install guide to help you along your way!

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