Landscaping Ideas for Small Backyards

Designing a backyard landscape can be a challenge when working with a small space. However, it is possible to turn a small backyard into a beautiful and relaxing outdoor space!

backyard landscaping

Check out these landscaping ideas for small backyards.

Decide on a color theme

Choosing two to four colors to feature in your backyard is a great way to make your small backyard space look professionally designed. Choose one or two neutral colors like grey, white, or black and one or two bright colors. This will make it easy to choose plants, patio furniture, and other accessories no matter where you shop!

Create walkways

Creating walkways for the backyard helps make it livable and fun! Since you’re dealing with a small space, it’s best to create smaller walkways rather than big wide paths. Consider using stepping stones to create your walkway; they are easy to install and fairly inexpensive too.

A quick note on installing these stepping stones: Don’t make the mistake of simply plopping down the stones and calling it a day. This will result in wobbly stones that are difficult to walk across. Instead, lay the stones in the desired pattern, then use a garden trowel to cut down into the sod around each stone. Then move the stone out of the way, and dig the area so that it’s deep enough for the stone to be flush with the surrounding lawn.

Consider a small pond / water feature

Installing a water feature is a great way to add a bit of charm to a small backyard. Here are some possible ways to add water to your small backyard landscaping:

  • vanishing edge pond
  • pond niche
  • orb fountains
  • half-moon pond
  • Asian-inspired water fountain

Choose a variety of plants

Plants help accent your yard with splashes of color and break up large areas of sod that can make your yard seem smaller than it is. Place the plants around the walkways, walls, and water features to create colorful borders in your backyard. Make sure you choose appropriate plants for your climate. Finally, it’s important to maintain the plants with proper watering so they stay alive. Create a watering schedule if you need it so you don’t forget to care for your plants.

Create a social space in one corner/area of the yard

When you’re dealing with small backyards, it’s often best to create the dining/hang out area in a corner to make your backyard seem as large as possible. Also, be sure to choose appropriately sized furniture for your space. Instead of large clunky patio chairs, consider long family-style benches or smaller stools. Shade sails can be used instead of big umbrellas or gazebos to provide an escape from the sun on hot days.

Follow these landscaping ideas for small backyards to make the most out of your small yard space!

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