How to Streamline Your Back Yard in 4 Easy Steps

Phoenix homeowners are blessed with year-round sunny weather and plenty of outdoor activities to stay entertained with the family on weekends. The great part about having a nice sod yard is that families can spend time having fun with each other outdoors without spending money. Are you thinking of making some improvements in your yard this spring?

Here’s how to streamline your backyard in 4 easy steps:

1. Plant for Impact

Choose some plants to accent your lawn. Stick to just two or three types to keep it clean and simple. Phoenix sod lawns benefit from plant borders and accents as they help retain water for the lawn and reduce the amount of total space needed for fresh grass.

How to save money
Check with your city’s parks and rec department to see if they may have any plants they are planning on throwing out that you can take for free. Making official calls probably won’t get you anywhere, but if you know of an area where the park staff pulls plants on a regular basis, you could swing by and see what they may be willing to donate.

2. Choose trees with full canopies

Get two trees and plant one in each corner of your yard. Choose shapely trees with open and airy, but full canopies. This will provide some shade but also allow your sod lawn to get some sunlight since this is essential for a healthy lawn.

NOTE: No sod grass can tolerate 100% shade. If you have an area that receives no sun, we recommend modifying your landscape to use decorative rock or other vegetation in that space. You may also consider pruning trees and vegetation to provide more sun to the area. For more help, check out our Lawn Selector Tool.

3. Set your sprinklers to span all sod areas

Whether you have 6 ft. or 600 ft. of sod in your Phoenix lawn, it needs to be watered on a regular basis to stay healthy. Many homeowners do not check where the sprinklers are reaching when designing their yard, which leads to dry patches where the sprinklers can’t reach the grass. Check out our irrigation page for more info about watering Phoenix sod.

4. Get matching patio furniture

Patio furniture is one of the most common hand-me-down items that people stock up in their yards. This year, why not splurge on a nice patio set to really create a beautiful backyard for your family. Cover your patio furniture or bring it in to the garage during bad weather to try and maintain the quality over time.

Follow these four easy steps to give your backyard a facelift this spring. Want more help with lawn care? Check out our FAQ’s page or contact us today.

Select the perfect turf using our lawn selector. Once you’ve found the perfect type of grass, you can order online or by phone. Learn how to measure your lawn and how to install your new lawn with our helpful online guides.

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