Can I Fertilize My Lawn in the Summer?

A common question asked among homeowners who have lawns is, “Can I fertilize my lawn in the summer?” The answer is yes you can and should fertilize your lawn in the summer. It’s important to keep your lawn fed throughout the year and that includes in the summer time.

Just like people need a balanced diet to be at their best, your lawn needs a balanced diet to grow green and strong.

So, how do you know which fertilizer to choose and how much fertilizer to give your lawn during the summer months?

The Fertilizer Balancing Act

Can I Fertilize My Lawn in the Summer? - Evergreen Turf, Arizona's Sod Farm
Your lawn needs nutrients to grow. Seems simple enough, right? Wrong.

Over-fertilizing can cause it to grow too quickly. If that happens, you may find yourself with an excessive thatch buildup, which will ultimately produce extra work for you, as you’ll need to remove the thatch in order to allow nutrients to reach the roots. On the other hand, if you don’t fertilize enough, you could wind up with a yellow patch of lawn that’s thin and slow to recover from everyday wear.

As a general rule, lawns should be fertilized monthly. If you have Palmetto St. Augustine grass, it does not require a lot of nitrogen. If you’re using Palmetto, it should be fed with a fertilizer that’s high in potassium and magnesium.

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Of course, if you’re not sure which fertilizer is best for your lawn, it’s always a good idea to talk to lawncare experts. An incorrect guess can be a costly decision if you wind up killing your grass or creating a problem of over-thatching.

If you’re lucky enough to have achieved a thick, dense, dark green lawn, you probably only need to fertilize every six to eight weeks. In this case, consider using a slow-release fertilizer. These products provide a constant stream of nutrients while reducing the likelihood of over-thatching and speedy growth that can result in the need to mow frequently.

Bermuda Grass Fertilization Tips

Bermuda grass lawns require regular feeding for healthy growth. If you’re in Arizona or another high desert region, we recommend fertilizing at least once per month during the summer. Use complete fertilizer that’s high in nitrogen but offers a medium amount of phosphorous. The following formulas usually work well for Bermuda grass:

  • 21-7-14
  • 16-8-4
  • 20-5-5

Once your lawn is 100% filled in, you can switch over to a slow-release or organic fertilizer to help slow the growth but maintain healthy vigor and color.

Evergreen Turf is Arizona’s one-stop shop for sod lawns. We offer an assortment of residential and commercial sod products, and our experienced staff can even install your lawn for you. Stop by our Chandler, Arizona location, and let us know what we can do to help you improve your lawn!

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