Arizona Backyard Ideas on a Budget – 2016 Edition

Being a homeowner is part of the American Dream, but the frequent cost of basic home repairs often makes the idea of making over your home or property seem like a dream in and of itself.

arizona backyard ideas

If you’ve caught yourself staring at your backyard, wishing you could give it a makeover without doing serious damage to your savings and credit debt, here are some excellent Arizona backyard ideas on a budget!

Prepare Yourself.

Even the craftiest of DIYers can feel frustrated with their projects at times.  Before you set out on your backyard remodel adventure, set realistic expectations.  You’re going to need some paint, some patients, and some parts.  Bargain-hunt for items at close-out sales and thrift stores, and be sure to scour the internet for interesting ideas that can help you repurpose things you already have laying around.

Choose Your Inspiration Piece.

Maybe it’s a fire pit or a homemade gazebo.  Maybe it’s an intricately-painted pot that you picked up at a thrift store, or perhaps it’s the tree swing you put up for your kiddos.  No matter what your inspiration point, pick a focal feature, and build your budget-friendly backyard around that element.

Take Your Indoor Living Space Outside.

Arizona is the perfect place to build an outside living space that’s just as great as the living room you enjoy inside your home.  Even if you’re hibernating in the air conditioning when the summer sun is out, you can still take advantage of the fresh outdoor air when the evening arrives!

Pinterest is filled with pretty phenomenal ways to reuse unconventional items and turn them into works of backyard living space art.  These are a few of our favorites:

Get Outdoor Rugs.

Outdoor rugs are another way to bring the comfort of the inside out.  Placing outdoor rugs on the hard surfaces of your outdoor spaces, such as your patio, balcony, or gazebo, bring a certain warmth and inviting appeal that can’t be achieved otherwise.

If your outdoor rugs are too boring for your particular taste, get creative.  Paint, stencils, plants, and lighting can enhance the overall effect of your outdoor rugs.

Paint Inexpensive Pots.

Go crazy at local thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales.  Look online for sales and giveaways involving inexpensive pots.  You can paint these pots, and make them interesting conversation pieces for your backyard.  Use them as storage containers, plant flowers, fruits, and veggies in them, or use them to hold candles so your evenings are illuminated with your beautiful DIY accessories.

Install a Shed Office.

A little extra space can go a really long way.  If you’re feeling confined in your home and need a space to which you can escape, consider installing an office shed out back.  This can give you some much-needed respite from rowdy kids and too much company when you’re trying to get some work done or have a little me-time.

Using an old door as a desk and some corkboards and quirky art to make the inside organized with your own unique style, your shed office will be a place where efficiency and peace-of-mind come together without ever requiring you to flee the comfort of your own property.

Looking for more ideas?  Check out our first edition of Arizona Backyard Ideas on a Budget!  Do you have #BackyardBudgetIdeas?  Share them on our Facebook page.

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